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Coal Mineral

Coal Mineral

Introduction to Mineral Processing in Mining

Mineral processing, also known as mineral dressing, is a crucial step in the mining process that separates valuable minerals from ore into a concentrated, marketable product. Conducted at the site of the mine, mineral processing is essential for the profitability of a mine, as it determines the amount of mineral concentrate that can be extracted from the ore.

Importance of Mineral Processing in Coal Mining

The profitability of a mine hinges on the ability to extract valuable minerals from the ore. If the mineral processing stage cannot yield a profitable amount of concentrate, the mine will not progress to the development stage. Mineral processing is used to extract a wide range of materials, including metals, rocks, and industrial mineral ores.

Metals: aluminum, bauxite, chalcopyrite, chromite, copper, galena, gold, hematite, iron, lead, magnetite, molybdenum, nickel, platinum, silver, sphalerite, tin, and zinc.

Rocks: building stone, coal, clay, granite, limestone, potash, marble, and sand.

Industrial Minerals: apatite, barite, diamond, fluorite, garnet, gemstones, quartz, vermiculite, wollastonite, and zircon.

Stages of Mineral Processing

The primary objective of mineral processing is to transform ore from its heterogeneous state into a homogeneous product ready for market. This transformation involves four key stages:

Crushing and Grinding: Breaking down the ore into smaller pieces.

Sizing and Classification: Separating particles by size.

Concentration: Increasing the concentration of valuable minerals.

Dewatering: Removing water content to dispose of gangue and achieve marketable concentrate levels.

Some Mineral Processing Equipment

Crushing and grinding equipment

Sizing and classification equipmentConcentration equipmentDewatering equipment

Cone crushers

Gyratory crushers

Ball mill grinders

Pebble crushers

Wedge wire screens

Wire mesh screens

Rotating trommel screen

Bar screens

Fine screens


Multi-deck screens

Radial sieves

Vibratory screens

Ore sorters 

Thickeners screen



Dewatering screens


Belt press/membrane filter press

Fluidised beds

Hearth dryers

Rotary dryers

Rotary tray dryers

Coal Mineral

YUBO specializes in a comprehensive suite of coal processing equipment, from the Run of Mine (R.O.M) stockpile to the tailings dam. 

Our offerings include:

Screening Equipment: Ensures precise particle separation, extending periods of trouble-free operation.

Sampling Equipment: Provides accurate representation of material composition.

Gravity Separation Equipment: Efficiently separates coal from impurities.

Beneficiation Equipment: Enhances coal quality by removing contaminants.

Dewatering Equipment: Optimizes water removal to achieve desired concentrate levels.

Benefits of Coal Beneficiation with YUBO filter equipment:

Our coal processing filter and screening solutions offer several benefits, including:

Removing contaminants and lower-grade coal from the coal stream

Achieving the sharpest particle separations over extended periods of trouble-free operation

Solutions for fine and coarse coal

Why Choose YUBO?

As a leading manufacturer of coal processing equipment, YUBO offers a complete range of solutions for coal processing plants, from the Run of Mine (R.O.M) stockpile to the tailings dam. Our expertise in coal processing enables us to provide tailored solutions that consider ore characteristics, process requirements, and environmental constraints to achieve the desired coal quality in terms of calorific value and the level of inherent mud and ash.

By partnering with YUBO, coal mining companies can optimize their mineral processing operations, improve profitability, and reduce environmental impact.

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