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Cartridge Filter Housings Selection Guide: Material,Size, Features, Price,Suppliers,Design Drawing

May. 10, 2023

Cartridge filter housings are vessels that contain cartridges of a specific size to filter a liquid stream. Selection of the correct cartridge filter housing is important in achieving the desired results. This Cartridge Filter Housings Selection Guide will provide guidance on selecting the right filter for your application.

high quality stainless steel Cartridge Filter Housings Selection Guide

Cartridge Filter Material: The filter material used in the cartridge filter housing is a major factor in choosing the correct filter. There are a variety of materials available including polypropylene, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other specialty materials. The type of material used should be based on the chemical compatibility of the liquid being filtered and the temperature of the liquid.

Cartridge filter housings Size: The size of the cartridge filter housing will determine the size of the cartridges that can be used with it. The size of the housing should be large enough to accommodate the number of cartridges needed for your application.

Stainless Steel Cartridge filter housings Features: Different cartridge filter housings have different features. Some may have pressure relief valves, automatic shut-off valves, or other features that may be necessary for your application. It is important to consider these features when selecting the correct filter housing.

Filter Housings Price: Price should be considered when selecting the correct filter housing. The cost of the housing may vary depending on the material used and the features included.

Cartridge filters Suppliers: There are many suppliers of cartridge filter housings. It is important to select a reputable supplier who can provide quality products at a reasonable cost. YUBO is the leading manufacturer&exporter of industrial cartridge filter housing in China and we can provide the different kinds of cartridge filters as your project application.

Design Drawing: It is important to get a detailed design drawing of the cartridge filter housing before purchasing. This can ensure that the housing will fit correctly and meet the needs of your application. And  YUBO can provide cartridge filter design drawings before the production of the filters.

By taking into account the filter material, size, features, price, suppliers, and design drawing, you will be able to select the correct cartridge filter housing for your application. Following this guide will help you make the best choice for your project.

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