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Industrial Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters Strainers

Dec. 14, 2022

Industrial self-cleaning filters to remove contamination and oversize materials from your liquid products.

The Industrial Self-Cleaning Filter is an efficient solution when it comes to industrial filtration. Used across a wide range of industries, its innovative design is suitable for many processing requirements, removing contamination from your liquid products. Moreover, the cleaning system enables reliable filtration, while supporting filtration down to 5 microns. 

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Industrial Strainers assure continuous flow, simplified maintenance, and worry-free operation.  The self-cleaning product line includes tubular backwashing and mechanically cleaned technology. YUBO's self-cleaning strainer is available in custom designs and exotic materials upon request. 

Automatic Self-cleaning Filter Systems for Industrial Filtration

With a range of models available, this filter equipment will effectively strain any liquid product, from liquid chocolate and honey to oil and coatings. This ensures your liquid products are free from contamination. This self-cleaning unit is also perfect for protecting your downstream equipment, making sure your process line runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Whatever your requirements, YUBO has the perfect industrial filtration equipment to support you.

Benefits of Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Housings

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Ease of Operation

  • Continuous Filtration

  • Readily Available

  • Minimal Disposal

Self-cleaning filter housings are filters that automatically trap and then flush a system of clogged particles or dirt.  Self-cleaning filters are configurable to the specific needs of an application – for example, a filter can be programmed to allow clean liquid to flow through a system while blocking dirt or particles from passing.

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