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Desalination Process Filtration Solutions

Desalination Process Filtration Solutions

What is the Desalination process?

Desalination is a water filtration process that removes salts and other minerals from saltwater. The desalination process makes saline water potable for consumption and irrigation.  

Desalination systems are in use at beachfront hotels and resorts, residences, boats, and other commercial or industrial applications. 

There are several desalination methods such as multi-stage flash evaporation, multi-effect distillation, freezing, and electrodialysis, among others, but the method used most widely worldwide, and for the uses described above, is reverse osmosis

Desalination Process Filtration Solutions

Sea Water Filtration Applications:

R/O Prefiltration

UF Prefiltration

Raw Seawater Filtration

Cooling Water for HVAC

Process Water Filtration

Desalination plants utilize automatic self-cleaning filter systems in such applications as ultra-filtration (UF)/reverse osmosis (RO) pre-filtration, process water filtration, and cooling water filtration. YUBO provides self-cleaning water filters to extend life and improve the performance of membrane systems by removing particles such as sand, silt, and other suspended solids.

The pre-filtration of seawater in desalination plants represents a complicated step as the spoilage loads in water change fast. As pre-filters for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, our self-cleaning filtration solutions and filters reliably remove impurities from the seawater and enable efficient continuous operation of the membrane systems downstream in the process. The automatic self-cleaning filters offer optimized space requirements and minimal operating costs.

YUBO Filtration designs develop and manufacture desalination filtration systems to purify water that is safe for human consumption. Email us today at sales@ubofilter.com or fill out our quote form and we’ll be in touch with you right away to make sure your seawater filtration/desalination process needs are met!

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