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Automatic Horizontal Filter Housings

Horizontal, self cleaning system, multi-purpose industrial design, and high-flow Sucking filter housings.

--Excellent corrosion-resistant construction with high strength.

--User-friendly horizontal design.

--Optional raw material for various temperature/pressure need

--Unique closure designs.

Application field of filter element

Wastewater Treatment Industrial Solid-Liquid Separation

Wastewater Treatment

It is very important to have suitable and sufficient filters and wedge wire screens in the wastewater treatment system to reduce costs and ensure its performance and effectiveness.

Industrial Solid-Liquid Separation

Horizontal plate filters are used for loss-free filtration and separation of solids with a subsequent washing process. They are especially suitable for absorption and extraction processes. Their high efficiency delivers perfect results.

Technical parameter

ValveFlowPressurePrecisionFilter StanderFilter element material Valve materialSealing material
 Electric or pneumatic 1-5000M3/H0-10.0Mpa25-3000μmG8150.HG/T21637304、316、HastelloyCS,304,316, HastelloyNBR EPDM rubber

Product Model

Automatic Self-Cleaning Horizontal Filter Housing

The Automatic Self-Cleaning Horizontal Filter Housing offers the advantages of traditional vertical filter housings with added benefits. Its horizontal orientation enables single-person operation, eliminating the need for overhead hoists.

Compared to using several vertical filter housings, horizontal pressure filters offer greater cost-effectiveness. They provide an efficient solution for various applications where water filtration is required.

Water first passes through the primary screen to filter out large particles before flowing through a finer screen. Particles are retained on the inside of the filter element's screen. The filtered water then exits through the outlet. When the pressure differential reaches a predetermined level, the flushing cycle begins. An automatic valve opens on the drainage outlet and the hydraulic piston releases pressure. Hydraulic motors activate the suck scanner system, generating a helical movement along the screen to vacuum up captured particles, which are expelled through the drain valve.

The Auto Self-Cleaning Horizontal Cartridge Filter Housing features a user-friendly horizontal installation design for easy cartridge change-out and device maintenance. 

Commonly used for high-flow cartridge filter housing, it achieves a compact design with maximum filtration area.

YUBO's Horizontal Cartridge Filter Housing is a reliable choice, available in various materials, sizes, closure designs, and seal materials to meet diverse application requirements. For independent customization, contact our engineering team directly.

From security filters, self-cleaning filters, and wedge wire screen strainers to seawater desalination filtration, our horizontal filter housing plays a significant role in numerous large water treatment projects.

Contact us for more information and explore the benefits of YUBO's Auto Self-Cleaning Horizontal Filter Housings.

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