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Suctorial-type Backwash Filter Housing

Jan. 12, 2023

The self-cleaning filter products include tubular backwashing and mechanically cleaned technology.  The self-cleaning, labor-free filters provide the flexibility and versatility you need in a backwashing system.

What is Filter Backwash

Backwashing is a process that is used in water and wastewater treatment to pump water backward through filter media, which includes anything placed in a filter that changes the quality of water flowing through it. This process sometimes involves the intermittent use of compressed air and is a form of preventative maintenance so filter media can be reused. 

Types of Backwash

Semicontinuous and continuous are the two types of backwashing. Semicontinuous backwashing takes place by pumping clarified water below the sand filter and sucking it out from the top with a separate pump. 

Continuous backwashing is an up-flow, moving bed filter that is constructed with various media depths for different applications and configurations. 

Why Choose an Auto Backwash Filter System?

Prevents process/system downtime

Minimizes operator exposure

Cuts maintenance cost

Reduces labor costs

Eliminates filter element disposal and replacement cost

Increases productivity

Auto Suctorial-type backwash Self Cleaning Filter housing is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, drain valve, auto back washes valve and PLC controller. Filter housings can be constructed in various materials such as several grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy metal. Filter elements can be offered with wedge wire, sintered multi-layer wire mesh, plain wire mesh, and sintered metal powder configuration according to the basis of filtration quality requirements.

Application Areas of our Auto backwash Self Cleaning Filter housing

filtration of liquids (sea water, cooling water, ballast water, industrial and service water)

lubricating oil filtration

filtration of liquid fuels and cooling lubricants in power plants, technical plants and in the marine industry

Suctorial-type Backwash Filter Housing

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