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Self Cleaning Filters-Scraper Type

Industrial Automatic Self cleaning filter housings are used to protect pipelines and various downstream equipment. Without adequate filtration, the scale will build up in the channel and increase the energy required to pump the water. The scraper self-cleaning filter automatically removes particles and impurities by the scraper, while keeping the filtration process uninterrupted. 

YUBO automatic self-cleaning filter scraper series solves the filtration problems you may encounter in production with excellent filtration performance.

Our automatic Self Cleaning Filter housings and Industrial filters assure continuous flow, simplified maintenance and worry-free operation.  The self cleaning filters include tubular backwashing and mechanically cleaned technology.

Application field of filter element

Industrial Wastewater Chemical Industry Filtration

Industrial Wastewater

Water is a critical component of nearly all industrial processes -- from oil and gas exploration and refining, to power generation and chemical processing. For many organizations across these industries, water and wastewater management directly impacts both production uptime and profitability. As water is used in the production process, it can pick up a variety of contaminants that require removal to acceptable levels before discharge from an industrial manufacturing facility. Typical constituents requiring treatment may include suspended solids (TSS), fats-oils-grease (FOG), pH, bacteria, selenium, heavy metals and other regulated chemicals and substances. We offer a serise of wastewater treatment filter housing and filter elements to help industrial companies enhance their operational performance and protect revenue streams.

Chemical Industry Filtration

While choosing a filter, many chemical industries choose reusable equipment as they ease the process of filtration. These equipment are both self-cleaning and require minimal intervention. These low involvement and low maintenance filters are widely employed in the chemical filtration industry. These bring down the operational costs. Also, unlike other filtration devices, these filtration equipment are prone to blockages and have a unique self-cleaning filter system which assures that the filter system will provide continuous and reliable solutions.

Technical parameter

Automatic Self Cleaning Filters-Scraper Series

LiquidWater and viscous liquid (<800000cps), impurity content <1000ppm
Filter rating30-1500μm
Design pressure1.0MPa or customized
Design temp.0-200℃
Filtering area0.14m²-1.45m²
Press difference0.05MPa
Pressure alertPressure switch
Inlet/outlet flangeHG20592-2009, HG20615-2009(ANSI B16.5)
Drum screenWedge wire,SS304/SS316L/2205/Titanium
Housing material304/316L/CS
Scraper materialCopper/alloy steel/PTFE
Seal materialNBR/VITON(FKM)  
Drain valveElectric/pneumatic ball valve,IP55

380V AC,0.4-0.6MPa Clean and dry compressed air


The scraper self-cleaning filter housing can be divided into the inner-scraper self cleaning filter housing and outer-scraper self cleaning filter housing

Inner scraper self cleaning filters: scraper is inside the filter element.  Cleaning by the rotary scraper.

Outer-scraper:  scraper is outside the filter element. Cleaning by the rotary scraper.

Scraper Self Cleaning Filters types

Product Model

Inner-scraper self cleaning filtersYGN
Inlet/Outlet (mm)5080100150200250300350400500
Flow rate (m³/h)15406514025039056075010101300
D  (mm)2733254264785306307208209201020
H1  (mm)950107012751360145016001900198022002400
H2  (mm)4505707508008809601020105011301350
H3  (mm)150150200240300300350400400450
H4  (mm)1450160018701980220024602550276028403120
Filter rate(m²)0.250.350.660.8411.21.51.822.3
Drain rate  (mm)25255050508080808080
Backwash water(L)80801501501503504506008001000

 The flow rate in the table is measured at an economic flow rate with a filtering accuracy of 100μm.

Outer-scraper self cleaning filtersYGY325YGY426YGY478YGY530YGY630
Filter rate(㎡)0.250.350.660.841
Flow rate(water)T/h154065140250
Waste drain MM2550505080
Air drain MMDN20DN20DN20DN20DN20
Motor KW0.550.550.550.550.75
Filter rate30~3000μm
Control mode Continuous operation, intermittent operation, time-controlled automatic drainage, differential pressure-controlled automatic drainage, manual drainage. 
Scrape material Stainless steel, PTEE 
sealing mechanical seal. 
CustomizationYUBO offer customized design

The flow rate in the table is measured at an economic flow rate with a filtering accuracy of 100μm

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