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Candle Filter Housing

Candle Filter housing comprises of a group of columnar filter elements sealed within a pressure vessel to produce a cake with dry solids contents as high as 80% and filtrate of extremely high clarity.

It is the best choose filter for microbiology and water treatment

Candle filter housing is designed for ultra-fine filtration cutting, grinding, hydraulics, lubrication, cooling and possibly other types of oil by alternative types of filtering elements (candles).

Application field of filter element

Separation of Catalysts API plants Filtration Separation Colour removal in Veg oil Resin filtration

Separation of Catalysts

Industrial catalysts are used because industries find catalysts useful in minimizing the harmful industrial waste generated during manufacturing processes.As crucial as catalysts are, they can also be harmful to us and our environment if they are not treated or disposed of properly after their catalytic properties have spent. So you can choose the filters system to Separation of Catalysts in factory manufacturing.

API plants Filtration Separation

API separation and purification technologies are applied to remove unwanted by-products and residual products that arise during the API manufacturing and packaging processes.

Colour removal in Veg oil

Candle Filter housing can ensure Veg oil purity and Color removal process efficiency for the factory of all over the world.

Resin filtration

When it comes to water treatment and care, the resins & media you use in your system determine the duration and strength of your filtration system. Ion filtration systems, whether it’s cation or anion, wipe out those extra substances.

Technical parameter

Multi-tube candle filters, customisable depending on the application

Zero discharge filter

Safer operation given the closed process

Filter Material: SS 316, Sintered

Optional features: SS 304, SS 316, Hastelloy, HALAR, PTFE coating

Product Model

Candle Filter HousingFiltration

The solid matter accumulates as a filter cake on the surface of the filter medium due to the pressure difference applied during the filtration cycle. The clear filtrate flows upwards through the central pipe and is discharged through the register pipes.

Cake washing

Displacement or circulation washing can be implemented in the direction of filtration.

Cake drying

Mechanical cake drying is implemented by blowing gas or steam through the filter cake. Alternatively, the cake can be discharged as sludge.

Cake discharge

At the end of the process cycle, the container is no longer under pressure and the discharge flap opens. To eject the filter cake, the filter cloth is expanded by means of blowback. The filter cake is ejected from the filter medium, breaks into pieces and falls through the discharge flap.

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