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Industry Oil Filter Housing and Filter Elements

Jun. 27, 2023

Industry Oil Filter Housing

Industry Oil Filter Housing

The importance of maintaining clean oil in industrial machinery cannot be overstated. Contamination from particulates and moisture can cause significant damage to critical components, leading to costly downtime and decreased profitability. 

That's where Industry Oil Filter Housing comes in. 

Our stainless steel filter housings are designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from various fluids, including turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and fuel oil. When used with our high-efficiency filter elements, our systems can meet or exceed even the most stringent OEM cleanliness specifications.

Improve Oil Particulate Removal At Your Plant With stainless steel Self Cleaning Filter Housing

Say goodbye to frequent filter plugging due to inadequate, undersized filter elements.

Self cleaning filter housings,bag filter housings and cartridge filter housing are a cost-effective way to quickly get your oil recirculation loop back up to the cleanliness code.

High-pressure or high-temperature requirements? No problem.

Whether you need a high-temperature filter housing rated to a thousand degrees or an ASME U code-stamped and pressure-rated housing, our engineers can deliver the perfect custom-made filter housing and filtration solution for your industry. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive filtration line and how we can help you maintain optimal fluid cleanliness.


Q: What materials do you use to construct oil filter housings?

A: 304 stainless steel or 316/316L stainless steel.

Q: Can we do high-temperature housings?

A: Yes, we can construct high-temperature housings up to a thousand degrees F. 

Q: Can you custom design the inlet and outlet orientation to meet my requirements?

A: Yes, we can custom-design inlet and outlet ports to specific sizes to accommodate.

Q: What if I have a high flow rate? Can you accommodate high flow rates with multi-element housings?

A: Yes, our engineers can assess and develop precisely what you need.

YUBO provides industrial self cleaning filter housings for a multitude of applications.  YUBO's extensive filtration line is manufactured with the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum filtration and efficient operation at an economical price.

Our industry oil filter housing is suitable for use with:

--Hydraulic Oil

--Transformer Oil (Mineral and Synthetic)

--Lubrication Oil

--EHC Fluid (Phosphate Ester)

--Diesel Fuel


--Turbine Oil

--Gear Oil

Oil Self Cleaning Filter Housing

We can design an automatic backwashing function to save labor and operating costs and meet customer customization requirements。

Oil Self Cleaning Filter Housing

Oil Bag Filter Housing

Housings that accept number one and number two bags for less critical filtration scenarios where you just need larger particulates filtered out during a procedure.

Oil Bag Filter Housing

Oil Cartridge Filter Housing

From 304 to 316 stainless steel to carbon steel and aluminum, we can create filter housings designed to perform in the harshest, most corrosive environments.

Oil Cartridge Filter Housing

We understand the pressure you’re under to get your plant back online. We have skilled engineers who can support you with oil self cleaning filter housings systems suited for your industry.

Please contact us at any time.

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