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Horizontal Filter Press

Jul. 20, 2023

Horizontal Filter Press for Industrial Solids and Liquids Separate

Horizontal filter presses, also known as horizontal plate filter presses or horizontal pressure leaf filters, are widely used in industrial applications to separate solids and liquids. These filter presses are designed with a completely leak-proof and enclosed structure.

There is a wide range of configurations and designs available for horizontal pressure filters, allowing them to be customized to meet specific constraints such as water quality, footprint size, backwash requirements, and flow requirements.

horizontal plate filter presses

The use of horizontal pressure filters offers several advantages. 

They eliminate the need for backwash supply pumps by utilizing self-generated backwash. The filters can be equipped with various media configurations to achieve optimal filtration results. Additionally, they maintain system pressure throughout the treatment process and maximize filtration area per unit footprint.

Customers have the option to choose between vertical or horizontal pressure filters based on their specific needs. These filters can be designed with specific pressure and temperature ratings according to application requirements. They are commonly constructed using corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel 316, 304, or 316L.

Various underdrain options are available for these filters including false bottom design, header and lateral screen configuration, and sieve bend screen plates. Similarly, there are multiple overtrain options like header and lateral design or filter nozzles.

The horizontal plate filter press stands out due to its easy operation process, robust engineering construction, and compact filtration capabilities. It features a leak-proof structure with filter plates mounted within a shell.

YUBO's horizontal plate filter press is primarily made from high-quality stainless steel materials that make it suitable for syrup processing chemicals, food production beverages, oil refining processes, and other liquid filtration applications. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and optimized manufacturing conditions, the device exhibits excellent corrosion resistance as well as good mechanical strength to meet diverse customer needs effectively.

Due to its enclosed construction, the YUBO horizontal press filter prevents evaporation, oxidation leakage, and fumes escaping from the product. This results in less contamination of the internal surface of the shell and a final filtrate that is cleaner and reusable.

YUBO, as one of China's leading filtration factory experts and manufacturers, provides multiple pressure filter solutions for specific applications. If you have any requirements or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our engineering sales team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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