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Wedge Wire Screen Plate

Wedge Wire Screen Plates – Efficient Solid-Liquid Filtration Solutions

Wedge wire screen plates, crafted from equally spaced wedge wires and support rods, serve as robust materials for filtration purposes. These plates feature surface profiles welded onto support profiles at 90° intersections, forming a reliable structure.

The unique design of wedge wire screen plates enables precise filtration through vibration or liquid flow, making them well-suited for both solids screening and liquid filtration. The smooth surface and small slot sizes of these panels ensure precise and efficient filtration. Additionally, wedge screen panels offer customization options based on specific usage scenarios, allowing for the selection of appropriate slot spacing and support bars to enhance filtration effectiveness.

Product Model

Wedge wire screen plates are available in various configurations, serving diverse purposes such as flat panels, lauter tun false bottoms, support grids, mining screens, Coanda Screens, Hydro Sieves, starch screens, thickening screens, and wedge wire tubesbasket screens. The filtration direction can be tailored, either from outside to inside or vice versa, depending on the specific design.

Opting for wedge wire screen panels ensures robust and dependable support for your machinery and equipment, offering a range of benefits:

Effective Filtration: Wedge wire screen panels excel in providing efficient filtration for solids and liquids, meeting diverse industrial needs.

Stable Filtration Accuracy: The design and construction of these panels contribute to consistent and precise filtration results, ensuring reliable performance.

Welded and Robust Construction: The panels boast a durable and strongly welded construction, enhancing their structural integrity and longevity.

Suitable and Customizable Design: Tailor the wedge wire screen panels to fit specific requirements, with customizable options such as slot spacing and support bars to optimize filtration.

High Durability and Low Maintenance: These panels are designed for durability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring prolonged service life.

Corrosion Resistance: The materials used in wedge wire screen panels provide corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial environments.

Choosing wedge wire screen panels ensures a reliable and efficient solution for your filtration needs, offering versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

Explore the different types available to identify the perfect fit for your specific applications.

1. Wedge Wire Flat Screen Panel:  Wedge wire flat-screen panels, also known as panel-type filter screens, facilitate filtration through the open gaps between V-profiled wires. The flat screen shape ensures precision in the filtration process, achieved through either vibration or liquid flow.

The portable design of the wedge wire screen panel makes it versatile and suitable for a wide array of applications.

 --Vibrating screen decking

 --Surface water intake screens

 --Fish diversion screen panels

 --Grain drying screen

 --Wedge wire screen for construction

 --Food and Mineral Processing

2. lauter tun false bottom: 

The primary function of a false bottom in brewing is to provide support to the mash bed, containing the grains above the floor, while allowing the liquid wort to flow through from the spent grains. 

Wedge wire false bottoms are crafted with a unique manufacturing process designed to reduce clogging and enhance lautering speed. For serious brewers committed to the quality of their craft, considering a wedge wire false bottom becomes imperative, ensuring an improved brewing experience.

3. Support grid

Support grids are a fundamental part of any reactor, sieve, or other media bed application where the vessel is filled with catalyst, sieve beads, or other media forming a bed that must be retained above the bottom of the vessel. 

Main used for Tower Internals.

4. Mining Screen

Welded wedge wire mining screens are used for sizing, grading, and dewatering in mining and aggregate processing applications. 

Our mining screen uses high-strength wedge wire, providing high abrasion, corrosion, and clogging resistance in the harshest conditions. It can provide accurate and high-speed separation in the mining industry.

Mainly used in various mining and coal mining industries.

5. Coanda Intake Screen

The Coanda screen is static and has no moving parts. Therefore, you can easily clean them manually, and depending on the application, no necessary major maintenance is required over its life cycle.

The main applications of the Coanda intake screen are:

 --Hydropower Plants

 --Agricultural Applications


 -Drinking Water

 --Sediment Filtering

 --Water Treatment

6. Hydro Sieve-static screen for solid / liquid Filtration

The Hydro sieve is an economical and efficient sieve designed for solid/liquid separation.

Can used for 

 --Domestic sewage

 --Stormwater screening

 --Screening industrial intake water

 --Chemical plants

 --Meat and processed meals industry

 --Water treatment

7. Starch screen

Wedge wire starch screens play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of the starch production process. The variability in raw materials used necessitates different production processes, and our technical team excels in customizing suitable starch screens (Flat screen panels, sieve bend screens, rotary drum screens, Screw press baskets) tailored to specific production requirements.

No matter what materials for starch production: Potato, corn, wheat, cassava.

8. Thickening screen-Highly efficient thickening for any fiber processing application and Sludge Screening.

We offer a range of Thickening screens to meet the highest demands as to consistency, throughput, and availability. Our Thickening screens are perfectly suited for the processing of virgin and recycled fibers, broke as well as mechanical pulp, industrial sludges, municipal primary sludges, biological sludges, and flocculated sludges.

9. Sieve Bend Screen

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