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Wedge Wire Screen Tube

Wedge wire screen tubes, also known as wedge wire slot tubes, play a crucial role in various industries for effective screening and filtration of solids or liquids. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel wire with exceptional chemical stability and corrosion resistance, these screen tubes feature a V-shaped working profile and longitudinal support rods.

The robust welding ensures a smooth surface, preventing clogging and making wedge wire slot tubes an ideal choice for mechanical filtration and separation of liquids and solids. Their outstanding attributes contribute to their widespread application in diverse industrial processes.

Wedge wire slot tubes, characterized by their durable construction and efficient performance, serve as indispensable components for achieving reliable screening and filtration in a range of industrial settings.

Technical parameter

Filtering Direction: Outside to inside and inside to outside Filtering Direction

Precise filtration performance: State-of-the-art equipment ensures precise slot sizes and high roundness of the screen tube.

Various types: Wedge wire screen tubes are available with different edge types and diameters.

Versatile Application: Wedge wire screens can be used in a variety of industries including water treatment, oil and gas, food and beverage, mining, and more.

Customization support: Select the matching wedge wire screen tube according to the application scenario and filtration accuracy.

Product Model

Different types and advantages of Wedge Wire Tubes

Wedge wire screen tubes stand as integral screening components widely employed across diverse industries for the efficient screening and filtration of solids and liquids. Comprising V-shaped wires and support rods, these wedge wire tubes ensure robust and effective filtration in applications spanning water treatment, oil and gas, food and beverage production, mining, and environmental protection.

Wedge wire screen tubes are presented in different types to help you identify your target product.

1. Wedge Wire Water Well Screen Pipe: Effective Water Extraction and Sand Prevention in Underground Aquifers

Our Wedge Wire Water Well Screen Pipe guarantees optimal water filtration, ensuring a constant flow of clean water. Crafted with precision, these tubes provide durability and reliability in diverse well applications.


Wedge Wire Well Screen Pipe are commonly used in wells for a variety of purposes.

Well Screens, Sand Control, Gravel Pack Systems, Groundwater Wells, challenging well conditions, etc

2. Rotary Drum Screen: Separate solids from waste streams without clogging

The rotary drum screen, or rotary sifter, is part of the equipment usually found in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. The purpose of the rotary drum screen is to sort out various fine and coarse matters. The rotary drum screen is suitable for special applications requiring fine screening.An excellent screening solution for applications requiring the removal of small particles,


Wastewater treatment plants for the food and processing industry.

Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants.

Effluents from paper mills.

Textile industry like dyeing, bleaching, etc.

Solid/liquid separation.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Meat processing factories, slaughterhouses

Potato processing,etc.

3. Versatile Wedge Wire Trommel Screens: Efficient screening of a range of materials

Wedge wire trommel screens and rotary screening drums are mechanical screening machines used to separate materials. Wedge wire trommel screens are used in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries. Additionally, they remove fines from waste streams.


Fruit & Food Processing Plant

Minerals processing


Water treatment/Wastewater Treatment

Sand and gravel

Landfill recovery

Coal mining

Mineral extraction plants

Chemical, Paper Pulp

Garbage collection

4. Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder With Large Diameters: for Heavy Duty Application

The wedge wire screen cylinder has larger diameters than the wedge wire screen tube. This makes the wedge wire screen cylinder can be used in large machines and applications.

The wedge wire screen cylinder has a higher load capacity than the wedge wire screen tube. The wedge wire screen cylinder is commonly used in heavy-duty applications and maintains a long service life.


--The wedge wire screen cylinders can be used as rotary screens.

--For mine, coal, mineral, and other applications for heavy duty and high load filtering, sizing, and screening.

--For the petroleum industry, chemical industry, water treatment, and other industries, as well as drilling construction, geothermal development, hydrogeological exploration, and some high-load filtration.

5. Wedge Wire Resin Trap: A safety assurance to prevent media loss

The resin trap is designed to be installed at the outlet of the filter body, capturing media and resin to prevent them from moving downstream. Choosing our resin trap means selecting an efficient, durable, and easy-to-maintain fluid processing solution that enhances system performance and reliability.


Resin traps are widely used in scenarios such as resin retention and media treatment.

Seawater desalination

Water treatment and softening processes

Ion Exchange


Carbon filters

Dealkalizers demineralizes

As a premier Wedge Wire Pipe Supplier, we proudly showcase a diverse range of wedge wire screen tube products meticulously crafted to cater to your distinct filtration requirements. Engineered to meet industry standards, our products guarantee the fulfillment of your screen tube needs with precision and reliability.

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