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Self-Cleaning Scraper Filter--Filter Small to Large Detritus

Feb. 14, 2023

Scraper Self-Cleaning Filter resists clogging and fouling in filtration applications with micron-sized particles, oversized solids, and high solids concentration.

Insufficient removal of both large solids and small particulates such as debris, dirt and suspended solids, as well as biofouling such as organic matter from the water, can cause serious problems. Plugging and fouling can lead to unscheduled downtime, excessive maintenance and premature equipment replacement. Traditionally, filters are designed to handle either smaller particulate or larger debris, but not both. The challenge is that natural bodies of water such as rivers and lakes typically are rife with both.

Self-Cleaning Scraper Filter--Filter Small to Large Detritus

Automatic scraper self-cleaning filters that are capable of very fine straining while still passing very large debris and it can strain to the micron level.

The automatic scraper self-cleaning filter selected is a motorized unit designed to continually remove both large and small suspended solids from cooling water. Cleaning is accomplished by a spring-loaded blade-and-brush system that is managed by a fully automatic control system.

Scraper Self-cleaning Filter is more widely used in the self-cleaning filtration of viscous materials such as solvents, acids and alkalis, polymers, coatings, etc.

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