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Why Choose an Auto Backwash Filters?

Feb. 27, 2023

Why Choose an Auto Backwash Filter?

  • Prevents process or system downtime

  • Minimizes operator exposure

  • Cuts maintenance cost

  • Reduces labor costs

  • Eliminates filter element disposal and replacement cost

  • Increases productivity

Automatic Backwash filters are automatic backwash units for liquid filtration or water/wastewater treatment.

Automatic Backwash Self-cleaning filters provide the most productive and labor-free solution. 

Why Choose an Auto Backwash Filters

Flexible and Versatile Automatic Backwashing System

Flow rates from less than a hundred to several thousand GPM can be accommodated. Also, to meet footprint or space requirements, we can configure the systems as needed. Removal ratings from 5 microns and larger are available in a variety of filter media including standard bags, wire cloth and wedge wire. Continuous flow is maintained by taking one station at a time off-line for cleaning - the rest of the housings continue filtering.

What are the Benefits of Backwash Filters?

1. Backwashing filters are self-rejuvenating. It means that they keep upgrading their performance and remain new and effective for a longer time.

2. Such filters keep removing containments from their surfaces often. As a result, the chances of infections in the treated water or liquid are very low.

3. The backwashing process reactivates the filter media. As a result, the filter’s efficiency keeps improving with time.

4. Lowered chances of filter failing and lowered chances of you having to stall operations due to lack of clean fluids.

5. Automatic Backwash Filters work regularly even while supplying clean water to your unit.

6. Filters are easy and cheaper to maintain. These filters are a very smart investment in operations where the filtration process is a critical part of the operations.

In which systems do the automatic backwash filters work?

Automatic backwash filters can be used in a variety of industrial systems including the following.

  • Water treatment plants

  • Oil refineries

  • Power generating plants

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • Irrigation systems

  • Mining industries

  • Gas sectors

  • Nuclear plants

  • Petrochemical industries

  • Snow production plants

  • Paper production plants

  • And more.

Self-cleaning filters are the future of the filtration industry and these can indirectly quicken your production speed and improve profits too.

Please contact us to get more kinds of self cleaning filters and backwash filters.

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