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Parabolic Rundown Screens

The parabolic dewatering screens(rundown screens) is a static Sidehill Screens widely used in many industry projects for the efficient separation of liquids and solids. 

Parabolic dewatering screens are free-standing, have no moving parts, and are also virtually maintenance-free. They provide increased dewatering efficiencies over other similar curved screening elements.

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parabolic dewatering screens

Parabolic Dewatering Screens: Pioneering Solid-Liquid Separation in Coal Mining

In the realm of coal mining, the significance of parabolic dewatering screens has been profound. These ingenious screens have emerged as indispensable tools for effectively isolating solids present in slurries. Parabolic Dewatering screens, also referred to as Rundown screens or Sidehill Screens, play a pivotal role in separating solids from liquids, facilitating dewatering processes, and contributing to volume reduction.

The ingenuity of parabolic screens lies in their design, which incorporates non-moving parts. This design principle not only ensures reliability but also minimizes maintenance requirements. As a result, these screens have garnered widespread utilization across various applications and industries, with a notable presence in coal mines and sewage treatment facilities.

Parabolic screens exhibit a versatile nature, making them well-suited for an array of tasks beyond coal mining. Their efficacy extends to dewatering operations, where they excel at removing moisture from slurry mixtures. Additionally, these screens contribute to volume reduction, a crucial aspect of managing both liquid waste and solid residues.

  1. While the coal mining industry has greatly benefited from the implementation of parabolic dewatering screens, their potential spans far beyond. As industries continue to seek innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency and environmental consciousness, parabolic screens stand as exemplars of functional ingenuity.

parabolic screens filter


  • Little to no maintenance

  • Simple but dependable design

  • Low operating cost

  • Easy installation

  • stainless steel 304 316 316L or custom


  • Meat and vegetable processing industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Plastic handling industry

  • Sewage treatment

  • Coal mine

How Does a Parabolic Screens Filter Work?

The parabolic screen, characterized by its distinctive curved design, brings forth a host of advantageous features that redefine solid-liquid separation processes. The ingeniously crafted curve plays a pivotal role, allowing sediment and debris to effortlessly glide down the screen's surface, while permitting water to pass through. This ingenious mechanism not only facilitates the seamless removal of accumulated dirt but also lends itself to easy maintenance.

The parabolic rundown screens stem from their elegantly simple yet highly effective design. This design not only translates to exceptional operational efficiency but also underscores their remarkable cost-effectiveness. 

Parabolic Rundown Screens how to work

What Are the Benefits of parabolic screen filter?

Integrating parabolic dewatering screens into your operations brings transformative benefits. By effectively extracting moisture from the end product and capturing minute particles within wastewater, dewatering leads to significantly drier material. In addition, reclaimed water, removed during dewatering, finds renewed purpose as a valuable resource for your manufacturing or processing plant. This sustainable approach underscores the interconnectedness of your operations.

At its core, parabolic dewatering screens isn't solely about dryness. It's about optimizing processes, reducing costs, maximizing space, and embracing eco-conscious practices. The overarching objective is simple yet profound: to deliver the cleanest filtrate and driest solids possible.

Parabolic Rundown Screens application
parabolic dewatering screens application
rundown screens application

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