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Self-Cleaning Filters with wedge wire filter elements

May. 21, 2024

In industrial processes involving water/wastewater treatment or liquid filtration, maintaining liquid purity, water cleanliness and continuous liquid operation is crucial to ensure optimal performance and prevent equipment damage. Self-cleaning filters provide a reliable and efficient solution for filtration needs.

What are Self-Cleaning Filters?

Self-cleaning filters are designed to intercept suspended solids and particles in fluids, reducing turbidity and removing system impurities. 

A wedge wire filter is a filter element made of high-quality V-shaped wedge wires and support wires. It is installed in automatic self-cleaning filter housings, providing high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and a large filter area. The uniform slot size ensures efficient filtration, making them ideal for use in automatic self-cleaning filter housings.

How do self-cleaning filters work?

The filtration process begins when the liquid enters the self-cleaning filter and passes through the wedge wire screen. As the liquid flows, dirt and particles accumulate on the inner screen surface, causing a gradual increase in differential pressure. When the pressure reaches a predetermined level, the control system triggers the self-cleaning process. A small portion of the filtered liquid returns to the filter body, and a motor-driven brush (scraper) cleans the screen, effectively removing contaminants. The drain valve opens, allowing for efficient impurities discharge.

Self-Cleaning Filters with wedge wire filter elements

Self-Cleaning Filters Applications

Self-cleaning filters are widely used in various industries, including:

Oil and Gas: Completion fluid filtration, and more

Food and Beverage: Fermentation broth filtration, chocolate liquor filtration, honey filtration, and more

Water Treatment: Surface sewage filtration, cooling water filtration, and more

Industrial Water Filtration: Equipment protection, nozzle protection, membrane protection, and more.

Benefits of Self-Cleaning Filters

--Continuous water flow ensures optimal performance and prevents equipment damage

--Efficient filtration reduces turbidity and removes system impurities

--High-pressure resistance and corrosion resistance ensure a long filter lifespan

--Large filter area and uniform slot size ensure efficient filtration

--The self-cleaning mechanism minimizes downtime and maintenance costs

Choose the Right Filter Material for Your Needs

We offer self-cleaning filters made from stainless steel, Hastelloy, and other alloys. Our experts can help you select the perfect filter material to match your specific filtration requirements.

The self cleaning filters, whether for industrial water filtration, irrigation systems, or municipal water treatment, deliver exceptional performance, ensuring continuous operation and optimal water quality.

For more information on our wedge wire self-cleaning filters and to find the perfect match for your filtration needs, contact us today.


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