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Perforated Filter Tubes

Different from other wire mesh filters, a perforated filter tube is made of perforated metal mesh with a wide range of perforated patterns and open area. 


  1. Filter liquids and air.

  2. Fluid filters

  3. Flow control application

  4. Reduce noise

  5. Shielding/protection

Technical parameter

Uniform welds and good pressure resistance.

Accurate roundness and straightness.

Smooth and flat surface.

High filter precision.

Also can cut the noise and ventilate.

Resist acid, alkali, and low and high temperatures, so has a long service life.

Product Model

Different from other wire mesh filter, perforated filter tube is made of perforated metal mesh with a wide range of perforated patterns and open area. 

It can be made from various materials including stainless steel wire mesh, hastelloy, and mild steel. We manufacture the perforated tubes in various hole shapes, for instance, round holes, square holes, rectangular holes, and hexagonal holes. Because of its perforated structure, this type of filter can offer superior resistance to bending and crimping. So it is the ideal choice to be used where it needs rigidity and durability.

Based on the opening diameter, we design the plate's width and punch holes to match your specifications.

We supply a wide range of industries with perforated tubes.

The application of perforated tubes:

1.Filter liquids and air, such as water, oil, etc.

2. Fluid filters, such as those used in lubrication systems, are one of the most common applications for perforated tubes. 

The purpose of the perforated tube is to support the filtration media and keep it in place, allowing fluid to flow. Hole size and open area are crucial in managing fluid, especially to ensure even distribution across the filter material.

3.Flow control application. 

Irrigation and drainage are examples of flow control tools. A pattern of small holes can regulate the flow of water into or out of a pipe. In addition, the oil and gas production industries use perforated tubing for fluid flow management and for some filtration.

4. Acoustic applications: Reduce noise.

In mufflers, the perforated tube also holds the sound muffling material in place. Sound muffling through perforated tubes is common on trucks and motorcycles, as well as static engines and generators where the noise would otherwise be a nuisance.

5. Shielding/Protection

The perforated tube serves as an outer sheath to prevent burns by keeping fingers and other body parts away from the hot inner piping. This guarding or shielding attribute is commonly used in applications where energy is needed to pass through but in a safe manner, such as heat or light.

Perforated tubes, also referred to as shielding, can protect something inside from electromagnetic radiation.

We provide perforated tubes for mufflers, furnaces, heat exchangers, hydraulics, oil completion systems, food and beverage production, aerospace components and airbags, as well as architectural and decorative applications. 

We work with the aerospace, agriculture, architecture, construction, domestic goods, and filtration industries. We also work with the food processing, marine, oil and gas, paper and pulp, polymers and plastics, steel stockholders, street furniture, and white goods industries.

We lead the perforated metal tube industry by holding our business to the highest standards. We promise the following to all of our clients and partners:

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