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Sintered Filter Elements

Sintered filter elements are made of stainless steel, bronze, nickel-based alloy, titanium and specially alloyed powders or stainless steel fiber felt. 

Powdered Sintered Material is a depth-based filtration media that removes particulate by trapping the particulate within the structure of the filter media. Powdered Sintered Media utilizes tiny spheres of metal that are pressed, heated, and bonded together. Process control determines the micron rating of the filter media, and sintered media is typically described by its filtration efficiency. Sinter filter media is provided in a variety of materials with 316 being the most common.

Sinter filter elements are used in low-flow systems and are most commonly used to filter gas. 

Application field of filter element

Petrochemicals Filtration High-temperature or corrosive chemical processing Ultra-pure chemicals

Petrochemicals Filtration

Advanced filtration and separation solutions for petrochemicals. Discover the world of filters for the petrochemical industry.

High-temperature or corrosive chemical processing

The Sintered filter elements have excellent heat, pressure and corrosion resistance, and it is used for High-temperature or corrosive chemical filtration processing.

Ultra-pure chemicals

YUBO offers high-performance filters and filtration solution that meet the requirements of ultrapure chemicals and ensure high yield.

Technical parameter

Easy forming, machining, welding, and cleaning

Available in filtration accuracy from 0.2 to 1000 microns

High strength for cleaning and use multiple times

Custom service for a wide range of materials and dimensions

Commonly used in acid, alkali corrosion environment

Product Model

Sintered Powder Metal Filter Discs

Sintered Powder Metal Tubes

Sintered Metal Mesh Tubes

Stainless Steel Sintered Filter Panel

Sintered Powder Metal TubesSintered Powder Metal Filter Discs

Sintered Metal Mesh Tubesstainless steel Sintered filter panel

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